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How To Get Rid Of Groundhogs On Your Own

2011-03-18 by admin

Groundhogs are fascinating creatures and had it not been for the fact that they can at times prove to be terrible rodents, they could have been perfect household pets. They can dig. They can also swim and climb trees and do many of the things many people across the world wish they could do. Very technically, considering the biology of the rodents, they are literally harmless animals and they normally go about their lives without a care in the world unless of course they find a garden to feast on. Then the rodents will do anything but mind their own business. They are notorious garden feeders and they just can’t resist the taste of legumes and root vegetables.

1. How to get rid of groundhogs using fencing

Perhaps the best way to go about the question of how to get rid of groundhogs is fencing. It is also the most humane pest control method if you don’t want to get your hands all dirty with poisons or else guns. If you suspect you are having a groundhog infestation, try enclosing your garden to restrict access to your garden goodies. As simple as that. In general, a chicken wire fencing should do just fine or you can also go for wire mesh fencing as long as you keep the fencing buried at least 12-18 inches below ground level. It is to be remembered that they can dig so fencing absolutely needs to extend below the surface of the soil.

2. How to get rid of groundhogs using repellents

To learn how to get rid of groundhogs using repellents, you will need a lot of research for the simple reason that many of the repellents offered by the online pest control product merchants show no scientific evidence of effectiveness whatsoever. Undeniable groundhog repellents are very effective for the control of the rodents in your garden but you need to buy one with the appropriate active ingredients.

3. How to get rid of groundhogs using live traps

Let’s get something straight at the very outset of this piece of information. It is not easy to trap them. The rodents can be exceptionally smart creatures. Nevertheless, over the years the pest control industry has evolved so much that now, live trapping can be used for groundhog control provided that you catch the right end of the stick. Traps for groundhog control can be of many types and you might want to make sure you buy the one most appropriate for your needs. In general, trapping works best if infestation happens to be really bad.

4. How to get rid of groundhogs using fumigation

Last but not least, for effective groundhog pest control, fumigation is the most efficient method of treatment. Normally done using a substance chemically known as aluminum phosphide pellets, fumigation is perfect for the control of the rodents in your garden. Ultimately learning how to get rid of groundhogs is hardly rocket science. All you need is good information and the right pest control products which you can find right here at PestMall.

Groundhog Control: A Do-It-Yourself Pest Control Guideline

2011-01-25 by admin

Groundhogs you would say are cuddly and exceptionally cute little animals. That’s before you happen to have one as a permanent resident in your yard. In reality, groundhogs are anything but cute and in many parts of the world, groundhog control becomes something of an obligation for many people. Basically, groundhogs are not harmful. They are not vectors of deadly diseases nor do they invade your home and make it their own. The only thing they will do is munch on your plants. Now if you happen to have precious plants, then you have a problem. You don’t need an infestation of groundhogs to destroy a garden. Just a couple will do the job.

The funny thing with groundhogs is the fact that as long as they live in the wild, they will be absolutely fine about feeding on grass, clover and that kind of thing but as soon as they gain access to a well-established garden, they will settle for nothing but fresh annuals or returning perennials. Cocky little animals, won’t you say? Well, that’s them. You can’t do much about that. What you can do is some serious groundhog control every now and then if you suspect a potential infestation. Basically, there are several methods of carrying out effective groundhog control though not many of them prove to be 100% successful.

Groundhog control starts with actually preventing groundhogs from entering your property. If you live in a area you know is quite susceptible to a potential groundhog infestation, you need to put up fences as soon as is economically possible for you. By fences, I don’t mean an average one. As a matter of fact, groundhogs are known to be capable of jumping fences or burrowing their way in from under the fences so you have to be wiser than them.

You can also choose to fence and protect the plants in your garden. Not a very nice choice, I admit. A garden will hardly look like much of a garden if it has like 1001 fences in it barring plants and trees and that kind of thing but it’s either that or you lose the plants altogether. On a separate note, this is a bit of an extreme form of groundhog control and you will not need to relate to that unless infestation becomes really bad.

As is the case with any pest control treatment, groundhog control also requires you to keep your garden clean and open at all times. Do not favor shadowy areas or piles of garden tools and chunks of wood. Groundhogs are known to be timid creatures who don’t like to be exposed to the naked eye of the observer, something you can use as a weapon to fight against these little creatures.

Groundhogs can be easily intimidated so one of the most effective groundhog removal methods involves actually frightening the pests away using a number of commercial products and devices such as moth balls, salts and that kind of thing. Motion devices are known to be most effective though you will need a sizeable initial investment.

Alternatively, you can use a less expensive yet equally effective groundhog control technique. Here we are basically referring to what is known as the use of gas cartridges to gas groundhogs out of your yard. You can also choose to capture the groundhogs alive and later get rid of them. This basically makes use of traps that are easily and cheaply available online. Live traps can also sometimes be rented though this option is really dependent on the area where you live. Powered by WordPress | Theme MMCrisp © 2010 -